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Kindergarten Scarecrow Day at Pittsburg Primary School


Fire Prevention Week



Mt. Pleasant Family Dental did classroom presentations for Pre-K and Kinder students on the proper way to take care of their teeth. Each child was given a toothbrush. They also sponsored a classroom coloring contest. The winner in each classroom received a prize.



Our Mission is to assure the academic success of all students by providing the best education possible. We must provide a safe, positive learning environment and implement innovative, research-based strategies to increase academic performance. Through the efforts of parents, students, staff and community members, we will hold students to high standards and work diligently to ensure that every student acquires the knowledge and skills required for success. 
Pittsburg Primary School is located in Camp County.  Pittsburg is a small town in Northeast Texas with a strong, supportive community. Our campus serves approximately 500 students from Pre-kindergarten through First Grade. Our campus student population is representative of the diversity of our community.
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